Sunday, June 29, 2008


Levi's good friend, McKinnon, turned six yesterday with a dinosaur party!

We partied at the A.C. Gilbert Children's Museum. A.C. Gilbert was the creator of the Erector Set. His uncle's Victorian home is the setting for the children's museum.

The party was housed next to the dinosaur exhibit.
And, of course, the model train. Luke's favorite.
The girls began putting together a large dinosaur model.
It quickly became an all-party-goer affair.
After the kids spent some time in a dinosaur class, we braved the 100 degree weather for some outside fun.
The museum sports a large outdoor play area.
When the heat became too much to bear, we headed back inside for more exhibits. Luke loves the bubble room.

We spent the evening at McKinnon's grandparents' house for a BBQ. A massive squirt gun fight broke out and I wasn't brave enough to take my Nikon into the fray. There were some awfully large 'kids' participating.

The beach is our destination today as we attempt to escape the heat...


Tanya said...

We love the Gilbert House! Looks like you guys had a fun time. I am so suprised to see you commented on my blog! I have always enjoyed reading your blog! It is wonderful! I am so sad to see the Poets Garden is closing.

Simply Me... said...

Wow, what a lucky kid, and that cake yum, and the goodie bag! we didn't have goodie bags when I was growing up! Hope you had fun at the beach, I'll be looking for your pic's tomorrow :)


Elise said...

Hi Heidi

What a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday. There seems to be such a diverse range of hands on activities for the kids, as well as the mums and dads.

McKinnon's cake was very impressive.

Sounds like you have some pretty oppressive heat happening over there at the moment, but the beach sounds like the perfect escape.