Monday, June 30, 2008

Just the Beginning

I'm still playing around with some of the photos, but this is the beginning of our afternoon at the beach.

We wanted to escape the heat, and I suppose we succeeded. It was 60 degrees (maybe), breezy, and fogged in on the Oregon coast yesterday.

No afternoon at the beach can be properly begun without dinner at our favorite restaurant. The waitress fell in love with the boys and let them help her feed a whole basket of bread to the birds out the window. She called the birds by name. Apparently, they are regulars!

Massive bridge construction is going on at the entrance to our usual beach. We had to walk through a dark tunnel (to keep things from falling on our heads?) to reach the sand.

I packed swim shorts and tank tops. It is a good thing I thought to throw in sweatshirts at the last minute.
The boys don't let a little cool weather stop them, though, and they had an absolute blast!
More later today...


Anonymous said... a fellow Oregonian who loves the Oregon coast...I would love to know the NAME of your favorite restuarant????

Heidi said...

:) The Spouting Horn in Depoe Bay. Their pies are incredible. My dad and husband love the peanut butter pie, but I always have the deep dish marionberry pie (warm from the oven) with ice cream. Yum!!

Renee said...

That last picture...oh, what an adorable little face. He makes me want one more little sweet boy!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

that last pic is UNBELIEVABLE!

Precision Quality Laser said...

I agree with all of the other commenters, the last photo is absolutely PRICELESS! He is soooo adorable!

Love your photography...


Mrs. Q