Thursday, June 5, 2008

Leif's Obsession

Leif has decided that pushing something down the driveway is a great past-time. He doesn't quite have the skill to ride a trike or bike, but he doesn't seem to mind just pushing one around. He is like a man on a mission once he gets started.

It doesn't have to be a vehicle, though. Anything with wheels will do. How about Dad's lawn edger?
He is like a miniature guy. A guy with a(n unplugged) power tool. Doesn't he look tough?
Oh, but he still has a baby face:
Check out the enthusiasm:
This look slays me:
It takes a considerable amount of talent to push around this trike. He has to stand out quite a distance to clear the huge rear tires. He certainly has the steering thing down, too:
Occasionally, he'll take a seat. When he needs to rest for a few minutes.
Uh, Mom? Could you give a guy a push, here?
Apparently Mom is too busy snapping photos to push you up the driveway, Leif. You're on your own, kid.


Skeller said...

Completely ADORABLE!!! And I'm only envying your wide open space and long driveway (just a little bit!!!).

Love his many expressions (and betting you'll see some of them still when he is grown :-)

Simply Me... said...

well it goes with out saying your boys are so darn cute,and there getting started young with the yard work, watch out Daddy!


Mandy said...

I love how you stop and appreciate the little things in each of your boys. Your focus seems to be on who they are becoming, and not what they are accomplishing. I see too often families trying to run around getting their kids to do stuff (mine included). I am trying to slow down and spend more time just letting them explore as our family spends time together.


Heidi said...

skeller~ You can envy our space if I can envy your weather and beaches. :)

Lanny~ I can't wait until the boys can help with yard work! I think the younger two will be particularly helpful. The oldest has other important things to do like picketing. :)

Mandy~ That is one of the nicest compliments anyone has ever given me. :) My favorite part of having kids is seeing the little person develop. I'd have 20 kids just to find out what they were like, if only they didn't need things like meals and diaper changes. :)