Friday, February 13, 2009


(ETA: Just in case... I've been deliberately vague, but decided that wasn't fair. All of these photos were taken in Las Vegas. Smile. It will be some time before we take a real world tour. And I will have more than 500 photos to share.)

The only thing on my must-do list was a gondola ride. Incredible. Those gondoliers sound amazing in the echo-y spaces of the indoor canals. I could have listened to them serenade us with Italian songs all day long. In fact, our last day we had an extra hour or two with nothing on the agenda, and we took our books and sat on a park bench near the canal and just soaked up the atmosphere. It was lovely.
The cast of characters: a crazy gondolier, a living statue, and the stellar Blue Man Group. We had a blast at the Blue Man Group show!! Exhilarating and hilarious.


Shell in your Pocket said...

Are you in Las Vegas?
-sandy toe

Heidi said...

We were earlier this week. :) Just a short 3-day trip.

Aja Jenise said...

Ahhh, wish I was there... I love the sights. Though you seem to bring out the best of them. Thanks for the tour!

Precision Quality Laser said...

You are my inspiration! Taking a world tour without your kids...awesome! I am just excited to be going to the coast for a weekend without the kids! I'm going to have to work up to 10-day long vacation :)

What beautiful architecture!

Heidi said...

Mrs. Q~ It isn't fair of me to make it look like we fly over to Europe on a whim. :) All photos were taken in Las Vegas. Can't wait to take a real world tour with the kids, though!

Sleep-Deprived said...

For me Venice was the give away - your version was FAR too CLEAN!!! ;) I've been on the ponte vecchio in Venice (granted it's been a while) - but the water was of a more greenish hue.

Glad you enjoyed your trip!